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Animal Targeting Constructs

How can Red/ET Recombination help you to make tailored constructs for animal models?

Transgenic technologies are an essential component in the study of developmental biology and modelling genetic disorders.
Red/ET Recombination enables in vivo DNA modifications irrespective of composition and size. Thus, Gene Bridges' recombination kits open up exciting possibilities for the fast and reliable engineering of targeting constructs.

Use the modular system of our recombination kits and functional cassettes to prepare optimized targeting constructs. Alternatively, why not take advantage of our service facility in Heidelberg, Germany?

Basic Targeting Construct [Click image to enlarge]

Basic Targeting Construct

Our services include

  • Assistance with project design and verification strategy
  • Steps to improve efficiency for subsequent ES cell recombination or blastocyte microinjection
  • Full documentation

Size of the constructs

Constructs can be prepared as high-copy plasmids with an overall size of up to 30 kb or low-copy plasmids with a size of up to 50 kb.




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